2017 Platform

A Webster that Works for Your Future

Vote for Change - Change Begins November 7th

A Webster that is growing, evolving, and focused on the future, while being true to its roots - is vital for the next chapter in our town’s great history.

To accomplish this, we will propose new policies and practices that will focus Webster and keep it a place “Where Life Is Worth Living.”

A New Comprehensive Town Plan

Create a focus for Webster that includes creating a new comprehensive town plan. Our vision for this town plan includes all aspects of our town and is created with all its citizens in mind.

We must include:

  • Open Spaces
  • Property Owner Rights
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Community and Economic Planner
  • Improved Technology
    • Cable Access
    • Use of updated technology with our schools
    • A website that is easy to use and attracts new business
  • Updates to Parks and Rec
  • Highway

Fiscal Responsibility

The best-laid plans must be balanced with the responsible use of tax dollars. By focusing on fiscal responsibility, versus fiscal conservatism, we will invest in our future and ensure that we don't shortchange ourselves. Being responsible means staying balanced today while encouraging growth for tomorrow.

Strategic Economic Development

Webster is full of great businesses providing great services to our citizens. We need to encourage this effort and complement it with new growth. A strategic economic development plan recognizes the benefits of an updated IT support system and the savings of green technology.

By supporting business, removing red-tape, and ensuring that the needs of our citizens are met, we can spur economic growth in Webster.

Open Communication with Citizens

Our campaign kicked off with a Listening Tour and provided us with an opportunity to listen to you and build a campaign around your voice.

This voice, your voice, is one that will be heard throughout this campaign and by the town board. No longer should Webster be represented by the few, for the few.

Our doors will always be open, and we will always listen to our citizens.