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About Megan

Megan Thompson has been a Webster resident for over a decade. Megan holds degrees in electrical engineering (BS, RIT, '06), imaging science (MS, RIT, '08), and business (MBA, U of R, '16). She is currently Director of Product Development for VisualDx, a company located in Downtown Rochester, which builds a medical app for doctors to help accurately diagnose patients. She previously worked at Xerox and Paychex in Webster as an engineer, manager, and project manager.

She is passionate about volunteering, especially locally. Her experience includes being a Girl Scout leader, application board member of Moonshadow's Spirit (a Webster charity for eating disorders), co-chairing an event for the Susan B. Anthony House, helping to establish the Leah Wilson Andrews Memorial Scholarship for women pursuing STEM majors at RIT, conference co-chair and Monroe County leader of Xerox The Women's Alliance and numerous speaking engagements for local female college students interested in STEM-related careers.

She has been married to her husband Paul for 11 years and is the mother of two girls, a first grader and third grader at Schlegel Road Elementary School.

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Moving to Democrat

Megan filed her change of party form in January 2017 to move from the Republican party to the Democratic party.  Megan grew up in a small town in Orleans County, and like many from rural areas, had a conservative upbringing.  When she registered to vote, she registered with the party that she was raised in.  What changed her views was at RIT, she sought out friends with backgrounds that differed from hers.  In fact, she was the only American in her study group.  The exposure to different ideas and being an engineer meant taking a critical look at previous assumptions and doing her own research.  That led Megan to consistently vote for Democratic nominees regardless of her party designation.  Like so many after this last election, she wanted to be more involved and connected to the party that has resonated with her values for the past 15 years.  

 Platform for the Town Board

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