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Preserving Green Spaces

Green spaces are essential to Webster living up to its promise of being “Where life is worth living.” We need to stop the haphazard development and make smart, thoughtful development decisions in Webster. To do this, we need to bring all stakeholders to the table: residents, developers, officials, and the economic coalition that we currently pay for now. We need leadership that listens. 

Green Spaces currently at risk in Webster

  • Willow Point (Bay Rd) 
  • Well Fields
  • Development of Webster West Golf Course

Opioid Crisis

Leadership doesn’t always come from being in control of resources but in being able to influence and lead by example. Local government needs to be willing to partner with various organizations such as law enforcement, schools, communities of faith to help with prevention and treatment to provide support for families and individuals. The opioid epidemic is affecting every community in America, including Webster and we need leadership that is willing to find out what resources are available for families and provide them support by offering the Town Hall as a place for community outreach, bringing in experts to help educate the community on relevant topics such as NarCan training, and ensuring the we are not turning a blind eye to the deaths that are occuring in our community due to this devastating addiction.

Supporting Our Schools

Our schools are one of our greatest assets.  Families move to Webster because of the school district.  We want to work with the school board, the PTSA, and other administrators to ensure a strong partnership between the Town and the schools.  We know parents have a lot of their plate and are willing to have flexible hours that work with your schedules.  As members of the PTSA ourselves, we will come to the meetings to hear the concerns of parents and teachers of Webster and make sure your voice is heard and represented on the Town Board.  

Sustainable Energy

Solar and wind energy are among the fastest growing job industries in the country. We can help local employment while saving costs for our residents and the town.  If an individual family can save ~$30K over 20 years, imagine what a town can save if we were to use sustainable energy to power our town buildings or ballfield lights.  Other towns across the US have done this and we can too.  We need innovative leadership brought to the Webster Town Board to enact this kind of thinking.    

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